Bailey Theatre

Welcome to the main center for Arts & Culture in Trail and the surrounding area. We host a range of events for every age group, from large concerts to smaller performances.


Venues & Ticketing Details

The main venue for the Performing Arts in Trail is the beautiful Bailey Theatre. The Bailey hosts concerts, theatre, comedy and more from well-known acts like the Barenaked Ladies to smaller emerging talent such as Lisa Nicole. With a seating capacity of 721, the Theatre has an intimate atmosphere and all seats provide an excellent view of the stage. Smaller performances, events and meetings take place in the Muriel Griffiths Recital Room, next to the theatre, which holds 80-100 people.

The Trail & District Arts Council programs many shows in these two venues, including four exciting series: Classical Series; Jazz at the Griff; Performing Arts Trail, and the Teck Family Series. The Bailey Theatre and Muriel Griffiths Room are also available to rent.

Please note: The Bailey Theatre currently had some major upgrades! Learn more about the renovations here.

Tickets & Box Office Hours

#1-1501 Cedar Avenue, Trail, BC, V1R 4C7

Tickets can be purchased in person, over the phone or at

(250) 368-9669

(250) 364-3003


September to June: Open Monday to Friday from noon to 4 pm.

July and August: Open only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from noon to 4 pm.





Purchasing Tickets

Please note some series passes only available by phone or in person.

Online ticket purchases are available 24/7 at  Please note a convenience charge applies for online purchases: $1.00 per ticket / $2.00 per series pass.

Debit or credit card purchases are accepted in person or by phone during Box Office Hours, and one hour before show time on show nights.

Tickets purchased online may be picked up at will-call.


Theatre Policies

For the comfort and safety of our patrons, we have the following theatre policies:

●  All bags subject to search before entering the theatre.
●  Our bar and concession are open at most shows for your convenience, and our food and drink items are permitted in the theatre. Outside food and drink are not permitted.
●  Alcoholic beverages purchased on bar service nights must remain in the designated areas.

Please note: Patrons should also refer to our Safety Precautions information here.

Ticket Policies

Tickets are non-refundable. Each person must have a valid ticket to enter a performance. Exchanges are subject to the following conditions: 

  1. Some tickets may be exchanged by simply calling the Bailey Theatre Box Office
  2. An exchange fee will be applied as follows:
  • Subscription tickets: No Charge.
  • Non-Subscription tickets: may have a fee per ticket.
  • Please retain your original tickets to redeem your new tickets upon presentation at The Bailey Theatre Box Office.
  1. Requests for ticket exchanges will be accepted up to 48 hours prior to the performance date of the tickets you are holding. This provides the Bailey Theatre Box Office the opportunity to resell the exchanged tickets.
  2. The difference in ticket price will be charged when upgrading your tickets to a more expensive night or seat.
  3. Exchanges are not available for some shows based on the promoter’s policies.

If you have lost your tickets, please visit or call the Bailey Theatre Box Office before your performance date.

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For more information on the Charles Bailey Theatre, please contact:

Nadine Tremblay, Executive Director
Office: 250-364-3003
Cell: 250-231-7943

Renting Our Venues

Both the Bailey Theatre, (seating capacity of 721) and the Muriel Griffiths Recital Room (seating capacity of 80-100) are available to rent. Both spaces are in downtown Trail and are available for booking every day of the year except for statutory holidays. There are restaurants in Trail that will provide catering, and options may be provided on request.

The Bailey Theatre seating capacity provides for an intimate atmosphere. All seats provide an excellent view of the stage. As a result, the audience is very appreciative and attentive.

We have available parking for buses, vans, U-Hauls and trucks. Our Facilities Manager can arrange for pack-in personnel. We can efficiently meet your technical, rider and promotional requirements. Please note, we do not have a separate freight elevator. Please watch the load-in video for more details.

Bailey Theatre Technical Specifications

Auditorium & Stage

The theatre is located on the second floor.

  • The total stage dimensions are 24 feet (6 m) deep by 46 feet (14 m) wide by 20 feet (6 m) high. 
  • The proscenium arch is 29 feet wide. 
  • The area behind the main curtain is 12 feet (3.5 m) deep, by 46 feet (14 m) wide. The area in front of the curtain is 12 (3.5 m) X 32 feet (9.7 m)
  • The front 4 feet of the stage are removable.
Green Room (Muriel Griffiths Recital Room)
  • Large open space next to dressing room 2 and stage entrance
  • Seats 80-100 people for piano recitals/exams/workshops or meetings
  • Small stage
  • Small grand piano
  • Some stage lighting
  • Used as warm up area and green room for performers. This room can also be used for small performances, meetings and other events.
Dressing Rooms 1 & 2
  • Both equipped with speakers
  • Sinks, bathrooms, showers – Dressing Room #1
  • 6 make-up stations with mirrors – Dressing Room #1
  • Both have large full-length mirrors on walls.
  • Moveable closets that can double as room dividers – Dressing Room #2
Sound System Specifications

The sound system, which will evenly cover the entire main floor and balcony, is as follows:                                 

– Speakers

  • 12 Electro Voice XLD 291 line array flown speakers
  • 2 Electro Voice X1082 Lip fill Speakers
  • 4 Electro Voice X sub dual 18″ sub woofers

– Power Amplification

  • 5 QSC PL236 power amps for main system
  • 4 Europower EP4000 power amp for monitors

– Processing

  • Electro Voice DX46 digital speaker processor
  • Electro Voice DX38 digital speaker processor

– FO.H. Sound Console 

  • Midas M32 Digital Mixing console & iPad with M32 app
  • Ethernet from SR/stage boxes to FOH
  • 2 Midas DL16 Digital Stage boxes

 – Monitor System

  • 6 Electovoice TX1122 floor monitors

– Microphone Package

  • 5 Sure Beta 58A’s
  • 1 Sure SM58
  • 2 Sennheiser e609
  • Crown PCC160 floor mics
  • 1 Sennheiser ME3 Lav mic
  • 2 CP C-ducer  piano mics

– Drum Mics

  • 4 Sennheiser e904
  • 2 Sennheiser e914
  • 1 Sennheiser e604
  • 1 Sennheiser e902
  • 1 Audio Technica AE2500 (kick drum condenser)

– Wireless Mics

  • 4 Sennheiser e935 (ew 500 G3) 
  • 4 Sennheiser SK500 Transmitter (ew 500 G3)
  • 1 Sennheiser SK100 Transmitter (ew 500 G3)
  • 1 Sennheiser ew 100
  • 4 DPA headset mics

– Condenser Mics:

  • 2 Audio Technica AT3527
  • 3 Audio Technica AE5100
  • 2 Audio Technica AT3031
  • 3 SHURE MX418 podium mics
  • 6 Audio Technica Hyper Cardioid ATM63HE
Lighting System
  • 9 x Colorado batten 144s,
  • 2 x Elation Platinum Spots on ends
  • 3 Colorado 2 Quad Zooms (Zones 7,8,9)
  • 4 x Colorsource Spot (Tips)
  • 3 x Colorado 2 Quad Zoom (Specials or Backlight option for 1, 2, 3)
  • 2 x R2 Spot
  • 4 x R2 Wash (Light Rear Traveller and CYC)
  • 3 x Ovation e-190ww Specials
  • 3 x Colorado 2 Quad Zoom (Zones 4,5,6)
  • 2 Manias
  • 2 x R2 Wash
  • 4 x Colorsource Spot (Tips)
  • 1 x 1k Martin strobe light

Front of House

  • 3 x Colorado 2 Quad Zoom (Zones 1,2,3)
  • 3 x Ovation e-190ww (Zones 7, 8, 9)
  • 4 x Colorsource Spot (Tips)
  • 2 x R2 Spot
  • 2 x R2 Wash
  • 15 Chauvet E-190ww LED Ellipsoidal 26 degree fixtures DMX controllable dimming
  • 2 x Martin SCX 600 Scanners
  • 2 x Elation Platinum spot LED2 spot wash moving head fixtures.
  • 8 x Source Four 750watt Incandescents on 2 x Leprecon ULD 360 Dimmers

Additional Equipment

  • Mirror Ball and 2 x 30 watt Incandescent lights.
  • 2 x Leprecon ULD 360 Dimmers (Max 900 Watts per channel, total 3600 watt)
  • 4 Floor Plates
  • 9 x Fresnels 1k Watts
  • 6 x Leko Zoom 500 Watt
  • 5 x Strand Cyc/Floor lights 500 Watts
  • 4 Ampro Par 64, 1000watts
  • 2 x Chauvet Slimpar Q12 USB (Music in the Park Gear)
  • 3x Pathway Pathport (6202) PWPP WM P2 XLR5F (Portable Gateways)
Power Specifications
  • 120/208V 3 Phase 4 Wire Connection – 100 Amp Fuse
  • 120/208V 50 Amp Receptacle
  • 100 Amp Panel with ten 4 x 15a Receptacle’s
  • 4 Quad Boxes – 25ft
  • 4 Quad Boxes – 50ft
Audiovisual Accessories & Other
  • NEC NP-MC453 x 4500 Lumen XGA projector
  • Cyclorama screen
  • 2 U 16 channel split snake: passive w/ 15X5′ cable rear to splay
  • 19 K+M Boom Stands
  • Audio Technica ATH-M50 Headphones
  • 3 Pro D2 DI boxes
  • 5 Pro D1 DI boxes
  • 6 Cable Factory P-1 Pro DI boxes
  • Aurisloop Hearing Coil System 
  • 1 Tascam c.d. player
Musical Instruments
  • Brodmann Grand Piano available, while our Steinway is away for a makeover!

Our theatre provides experienced technicians to operate the sound and lighting equipment!


Load In at The Bailey

The Bailey Theatre Upgrades
have been made possible in part by

The Bailey Theatre Upgrades  have been made possible in part by

we thank our sponsors

Andy Tran

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